Join the adventure and discover new planets.

777 beautiful Starships will head out into space for a mission of exploration. Their goal is to discover new habitable planets and to find exotic life in all its forms.

With your Starship, you can set course to 6 different regions of the Milky Way, but you need a Star Fragment that belongs to a specific region to be able to travel there. Read more in our documentation.

Mint Closed

Final Supply: 102

Mint your Star Fragment

0.5 SOL








1. Star Fragment mint

We will release a total of 222 Star Fragments. Star Fragments are the secret sauce that allows pilots to travel to different parts of the Milky Way with their Starships. Read our Star Fragment documentation.

2. Launch Starships

At least 80% of all funds collected from the Star Fragment mint will be used for promotion, community building and improving our Starships 3D models. As a result, we will launch 777 state-of-the-art Starships. Read about it in our PolyPursue Change of Plans blogpost.

3. Earn To Play

We are working on a game that lets you interact with the Milky Way map to pick different staking options. Each arm of the Milky Way represents a separate staking contract with varying staking rewards, including our utility token STARDUST ($SDT) and Star Fragments.

The Team


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Q: What is PolyPursue?

PolyPursue is an interactive story that is unfolding on the Solana blockchain. The story is about 777 Starships that are on a mission to discover new habitable planets and exotic life in all its forms.

Q: What is STARDUST?

While the Starships travel the unknown, they collect STARDUST ($SDT). With this utility token, holders can buy various items and materials in the dedicated marketplace.

Q: When is the MINT?

We are working meticulously to ensure everything is perfect for a launch in March 31st 2022. Until then, you can follow us on Twitter and Discord. We have lots to tell you while you wait.

Q: What about the marketplace?

STARDUST is used to buy items in the dedicated PolyPursue marketplace. Items you buy here can be sold on secondary marketplaces as NFTs or used to unlock new areas in the Milky Way to explore. Staking happens from within your Flight Desk. Read more about our project on our Gitbook here.

Q: Who is the team behind PolyPursue?

We are a team of nomads working together within the ScarceProject DAO. Our team consists of entrepreneurs, developers, 3D artists, designers, marketing experts and an NFT adviser. So LFG dream team!

Q: Are you going to be doxxed?

We don’t mind sharing personal information about ourselves. What we find more important is protecting our community. We live in the blockchain age, and therefore, have all the tools available to store our funds securely. We are making sure no one individual is fully responsible or can make financial decisions independently. Our priority is building safety nets to ensure the project and its community are protected.

A portion of the funds we receive after the mint will be added to the ScarceProject DAO treasury. Additionally, a percentage of each secondary marketplace sale is also allocated to the DAO treasury. This can all be verified in our mint contract.

Don’t trust people, trust code.

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